Lansinoh® Compact Single Electric Breast Pump

The Lansinoh® Compact Single Electric Breast Pump is ideal for today’s busy mum, who is always on the move with little time to spare. Thoughtfully designed, the pump is lightweight, compact, discreet and compatible with a micro USB adapter or mains AC adapter, making it perfect for on-the-go use.

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Lansinoh® Compact Single Electric Breast Pump

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Easy to Clean
Intuitive Interface
Adjustable Speed and Suction
Portable and Light
Closed System

Designed for your comfort thanks to its 5 adjustable suction levels to adjust to your rhythm and its 2 phases of expression: Let-down and Expression to reproduce the natural rhythm of baby at the breast and thus ensure an effective session.

Simple to use, with a convenient LED indicator which shows the strength of suction and clear controls on the top of the unit to increase and decrease suction levels.

The Lansinoh® Compact Single Electric Breast Pump comes with a standard size (25mm) ComfortFit™ Silicone Breast Cushion, which is soft and supple around the edges to mould around the breast. A Large Size (30.5mm) is available by phoning us on 1800 653 373 or emailing

The Lansinoh® Compact Single Electric Breast Pump can be attached to Lansinoh® Breast Milk Storage Bags allowing you to save time and prevent messy milk transfers or spills by pumping direct. These can also be great when you are out and about with little room for storage bottles.


2 modes of expression and 5 suction levels for total comfort.

25mm breast cushion

ComfortFit silicone breast shield with a very soft surface.

Intuitive interface

An LED suction level indicator, so you know exactly the suction level and the phase selected.

160ml bottle

NaturalWave bottle that can be replaced by a storage bag.

Mains or micro-USB power supply

Compact, portable and lightweight design that can be used with an external battery, ideal for use on the go.

Product Features

• Powerful yet small, lightweight and easy to carry in your bag when away from home; with micro USB power adapter as well as mains plug adapter.

• 5 adjustable suction levels so you can tailor the setting for your comfort

• Adjustable 2 phase technology to maximise milk flow: Let-Down Phase which mimics rapid sucking to help stimulate milk flow & Expression Phase which mimics slower, deeper sucking.

• Soft and flexible Comfort-Fit™ Breast Cushion ensures a comfortable, secure seal.

• Simple to use, with a convenient LED back light indicator.

• Can pump directly into Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bags to save time and prevent spills.

• BPA and BPS Free